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Summer Student Start-ups

Here are links to Summer Student Start-up businesses that are operated by students from the Delhi Area.

Business Name Type Student Name School
Plants By A Growing Plants/Seedlings Andrew Paton-Innes Delhi Public School
Vacation Watering Can Water Plants Dorian Smith Delhi Public School
Fly Butler Fishing Fly’s Dylan Butler Our Lady of Fatima
Ally’s Lemonade Stand Selling Lemonade Ally Verhoeve Our Lady of Fatima
The Harvest Leaf Handcrafted wood products Aiden Wesseling St. Francis Cabrini
Leanne’s Sweet Corn Growing and selling sweet corn Leanne Robinson Courtland Public School
Creations by Addi May Customized tie-dyed t-shirts Addison Batik Courtland Public School
Small Engine Repairs & Service CJ Letkeman Courtland Public School
Cejay’s Woodworking Wood creations Cejay Sonneveld Courtland Public School
Jamey’s Car Wash Washing cars, trucks & quads Jamey Sonneveld Courtland Public School
Jolene’s Lucky Horseshoes Decorating old & new horseshoes Jolene Sonneveld Courtland Public School
Rock n’ Wood Paint rocks, create wood & pebble pictures Avri Sowa Courtland Public School

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