What is the HELP NORFARMS program about?

We are pleased to announce the launch of the HELP NORFARMS program
The HELP NORFARMS program is a collaborative program between the Delhi & District Chamber of Commerce and Wilkinson’s Independent grocery store and involves many volunteers from community groups and organizations .  The program provides Norfolk County farmers with access to food for their offshore workers through a centralized ordering and food pickup process.   There are no additional costs to join and participate in the program, you only pay for the food that you receive.  The purpose of the program is to assist farmers through this difficult time and longer term maintain the food chain

Thanks to the support of the following:

Information about the program

  • The program is open to all Farmers in Norfolk County
  • Farmers join the program by sending in an application form
  • Farmers are then provided with an order form which lists the food items available for purchase under the program. Note: Quantities may be limited for certain items based on number of offshore workers at the farm
  • Farmers place their orders weekly using the HELP NORFARMS order form through Wilkinson’s Independent grocery store in Delhi. 
  • The consolidated order from all farmers will be shipped from the grocery distribution centre to the HELP NORFARMS warehouse distribution centre located in Norfolk County
  • Farmers will be notified by e-mail of their grocery order pickup date/time.
  • Farmers arrive at the distribution warehouse with a copy of their order and bins to gather and transport their orders home
  • Volunteers at the warehouse distribution centre will accompany farmers as they gather their groceries from the warehouse food product pallets, ensuring that each farmer receives the food products ordered
  • Payments for grocery orders will be taken after pickup of the food
  • We anticipate that the grocery pickup process should take no longer than 30 minutes
  • Farmers are responsible for sourcing food items not appearing on the order lists. The program provides the food items required to feed the offshore workers.   Order forms do not include confectionary items etc.
  • There is no cost to join the program nor are there any additional fees for pickups.
  • The only cost is for the groceries purchased
  • Volunteers are helping with the program and giving their time free of charge.   The volunteers will be administering the warehouse distribution centre including assisting with the receiving of incoming shipments and setting up the warehouse, managing the pickup process,  scheduling pick up times, scheduling volunteers and overseeing safety protocols including health & safety, food safety and COVID-19 protective protocols
  • All farmers and volunteers are expected to follow the COVID-19 protocols. Failure to adhere to the protocols could result in removal from the program
  • All volunteers will be trained on COVID-19 protective protocols including safe social distancing.  These protocols will be further reviewed by all volunteers prior to each shift Furthermore, all volunteers will wear masks and gloves
  • A site supervisor and safety officer will be trained and will be onsite ensuring that volunteers and farmers adhere to the COVID-19 protective protocols
  • The distribution warehouse will be scrubbed and sanitized prior to each warehouse distribution day
  • The Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit has approved the program including the protocols
  • Farmer pickup times will be scheduled to ensure safe distancing within the distribution warehouse
  • All carts will be sanitized between each usage
  • The food pallets within the distribution warehouse will be placed to allow safe social distancing
  • Farmers must bring bins to store food during the pickup process and transport the food to the farm. Volunteers will not handle the food on the pallets or the bins from farmers
  • We still recommend that you sanitize food packaging when the food is unpacked at the farm prior to use
  • Provides one-stop ordering and pickup of most food items needed to feed your offshore workers. More time farming, less time sourcing food
  • Helps ensure that the most commonly needed food items will be available
  • Helps the grocery store owners devote more time to stock shelves for their walk in clients
  • Less chance of spreading COVID-19 as there is no need for the workers to go to the grocery stores
  •  Opportunity for the community to come together to help each other


How do I join the program?

As a member of HELP NORFARMS we agree to the following:

1) We will treat all volunteers and Wilkinson’s staff with dignity and respect.  All volunteers and staff are here to help us as we all deal with these trying times. I will remember that “we are all in this together”


2) I understand that unruly or inappropriate behaviour or not following the protective protocols by me or my  farm employees could lead to cancellation of my farm from the Help Norfarms program.   I understand membership is a privilege, not a right


3) We agree to abide and follow the directions of the warehouse volunteers including social distancing and operational directions

4) WE AGREE TO BRING A MASK TO THE WAREHOUSE AND WEAR THE MASK AT ALL TIMES WHILE PICKING UP FOOD AT THE DISTRIBUTION WAREHOUSE (Do you need to purchase a mask?  A local contact is Rita’s Sewing in Delhi  at 519-582-3336.  Masks are available in Men’s, Ladies and Children and are $5.00 each)

5) We agree to bring our own bins to the distribution warehouse to be used in the warehouse to store the food while picking the order and transporting the food home  If you require bins one source is uline canada -click here

6) We agree to arrive at the warehouse on or before the scheduled pickup times, keeping in mind that my lateness may cause issues for other farm pickups and may delay the time required for me to pickup my order

 7) We understand that at times there may be issues with the quantity of the products available  We understand that the volunteers have no control over the products but will adjust the order forms to reflect the product received.  The adjusted order form will be sent to Wilkinson’s and be used to determine overall costs and the amount to be charged to our credit card on file

8) We understand that should we miss the ordering deadline, we will not receive an order.

 9) We agree to thank volunteers and staff for a job well done as earned.

 10)  We understand that prices for each product purchased and total order costs will be applied and charged to our credit card on file, after we pick up our order from the warehouse.    We also understand that product pricing will reflect Wilkinson’s current retail prices in place at time of pick up.  Also, that a recap of our order with individual item pricing and order total will be provided reflecting my credit card charge amount.  (Note: Current retail prices also include any product flyer prices applicable at time of pickup)

11) We agree to not resell any products obtained through the HELP NORFARMS program

1) What is the cost to join Help Norfarms?

There is no cost other than the cost of food you purchase

2) I have increased the number of offshore workers since joining Help Norfarms. What do I do?

Send an e-mail to advising us of the revised number of offshore workers working for you.  Also include a copy of the Offshore Workers Agreement form showing the revised number (for verification purposes.)

3) I need to change the credit card number that is being charged for the grocery orders, who do I contact?

Please contact Wilkinson’s and provide them with your new credit card details

4) What if I missed the deadline for my weekly grocery order?

Unfortunately, you will need to wait for another week to place your order.  We cannot  add to or change the order past the deadline date/time -NO EXCEPTIONS

5) What if a product that I ordered is not available when I pick up my order at the warehouse?

Volunteers will adjust your order form accordingly to reflect the quantity of products received.  You will be asked to sign the order form to indicate receipt of the groceries and initial beside any changes to quantity received   The completed order form will sent to Wilkinson’s to calculate the amount of your order and your credit card account will be charged accordingly

6) What if the 2 farm contacts identified on my application form are unable to pick up an order due to extenuating circumstance?

Please send an e-mail to and provide details including who will be picking up the order.   This is on an exception basis only.  Offshore workers will not be permitted to pick up orders

7)  What if I want to recognize a volunteer for great service?

A simple thank you will be recognition enough.   If you feel additional recognition is warranted please let us know by sending the details to

Next Steps -after submitting your HELP NORFARMS enrolment form

Wilkinson’s Independent will contact you and request payment information for your initial and future orders.   The payment information will be held on file by Wilkinson’s


  • this program is large in scope involving many groups and volunteers.  Although we plan on commencing food distribution at our warehouse next week, we are not sure how many farmers will enrol in the program and the quantity of food required at our warehouse.   Also, with any new undertaking there will probably be a number of hiccups that may occur.  As such we are taking a phased-in approach to the program.  What does this mean?  We will take enrolments from all interested Norfolk farmers however, depending on the number of enrolments and the quantity of food ordered we may not have sufficient supplies to accommodate the pickup process for all enrolled farmers initially.  Rest assured our goal is to provide the ordering and pickup process to all enrolled farmer as soon as possible.  We will keep all enrolled farmers updated on the program as we progress

The HELP NORFARMS farm coordinator will send you a link to the HELP NORFARMS food order form. The link will be sent by e-mail, once your enrolment form has been processed.   (For the first order you will need to enrol on the web based order form and create ID and password -you will need your farm #) Save this link to the order form for all future HELP NORFARMS food orders.  Note the farm number on the order form as this is your reference # for any inquiries.   Instructions will be attached and will outline  the weekly food order deadlines and how to complete the food order form PLEASE NOTE:  THE NUMBER OF ITEMS ORDERED FOR A SPECIFIC PRODUCT MAY BE LIMITED OR NOT AVAILABLE   IMPORTANT: ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE DEADLINE (WHICH WILL BE COMMUNICATED WEEKLY) OR YOUR ORDER WILL NOT BE PROCESSED

Scheduling and Pickup of Food

The HELP NORFARMS distribution warehouse, located at the rear of the building at 300 Argyle Avenue, Delhi, will be open 1-2 days per week for farmers to pickup their weekly HELP NORFARMS food orders.  Provided your order was received by the scheduled deadline time the HELP NORFARMS Farm Coordinator will send you an e-mail outlining your pickup location, date and time.   IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU ARRIVE WITH YOUR FACE MASK ON OR BEFORE THE PICKUP TIME FOR YOUR ORDER. WE HAVE MANY FARMERS WHO WILL BE PICKING UP ORDERS .  NOTE:  PLEASE PRINT OFF A COPY OF THE COMPLETED ORDER FORM AND BRING IT AND YOUR BINS WITH YOU TO THE HELP NORFARMS DISTRIBUTION WAREHOUSE WHEN PICKING UP YOUR ORDER 

  1. Be advised food safety, health & safety and coronavirus protective measures are in place and have been approved by the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit.   Volunteers will be wearing masks and gloves  It is imperative that you follow the instructions of the site volunteers.   They are there to assist you and ensure everyone is safe.  NOTE: only 1 of the 2 contact people identified on your enrolment form will be able to pickup food at the warehouse.  Other workers can wait in the farm vehicle to assist with loading the food outside the warehouse
  2. Please bring bins with you.  Food order items should be placed in the bins as you retrieve the items and can be used to transport the food to the farm NOTE: we will not be supplying bins or boxes
  3. You will greeted at the door by a volunteer greeter.   You will be asked to line up a minimum of 6 feet apart while waiting to enter the warehouse.  The greeter will review how the warehouse works, outline the COVID-19 protective protocols in place, ensuring you have a mask to wear in the warehouse and will answer any questions you may have. They will also confirm your name against our schedule
  4. When your farm name is called go to the greeter and identify yourself
  5. The greeter will provide you with a sanitized cart and will introduce you to a volunteer who will accompany you (will remain 6 feet from you) through the warehouse, ensuring social distancing and ensure you receive the food ordered
  6. The food will be on pallets and will be organized in order based on the food order form
  7. Using your food order  form go to the first pallet on your order form and take the quantity of the product ordered and place it your bin on the cart.   The volunteer checker will help guide you and will also have a copy of your order form and will check it off the items on the form as you put them in your bin
  8. The process continues as you go to the various pallets to collect your food order.  With the setup of the warehouse pallets there is no need to backtrack or search for food
  9. Any perishable items will be picked up just prior to leaving the warehouse
  10. Once you have all your food items, the volunteer will ask you to sign a copy of the order form acknowledging that you received the food on the order.   Any changes in quantity received on the form order will be initialled by you.
  11. You can then leave the warehouse with your cart and bins, and load the food into your vehicle
  12. When you are finished with your cart(s) please return to the greeter at the door so the cart(s) can be sanitized for the next farmer
  13. We anticipate the pickup process for each farmer to take approximately 30 minutes
  14. The completed signed order form will be delivered to Wilkinson’s.  The cost of the groceries received will be calculated and your credit card charged accordingly
  15. Any issues or concerns can be directed to the on-site  shift supervisor
  16. Remember, the warehouse is staffed with unpaid volunteers who are there to help you

What if I need to change information or I need additional help or have concerns?

Send an e-mail to advising us of your farm name, HELP NORFARMS farm # and the revised number of offshore workers working for you.  Also include a copy of the Offshore Workers Agreement form showing the revised number (for verification purposes.)

Contact Wilkinson’s Independent grocery store. Provide them with your farm name, HELP NORFARMS farm # and the credit card information that needs to be changed

Please send an e-mail to and provide details including your farm name, HELP NORFARMS farm number and who will be picking up the order.   This is on an exception basis only.  Offshore workers will not be permitted to pick up orders   NOTE: If you need to change a contact name/pickup name on a regular basis, please send an e-mail to HELP NORFARMS using the link above.  We have limited volunteers and ask that you only change the contact names if absolutely necessary

A simple thank you will be recognition enough.   If you feel additional recognition is warranted please let us know by sending us your farm name, HELP NORFARMS farm #, the volunteer’s name and  details to

Please contact our Farm Coordinator by e-mail at    Provide your farm name, farm #(if enrolled), your question and your contact phone number

Volunteer information section

We need volunteers to assist at the HELP NORFARMS distribution warehouse.   Unfortunately, we cannot accept volunteers over the age of 65 or anyone with pre-existing health conditions.  

How long is a shift?                                                                                                   Shifts are 4 hours in length.  Each pickup day will consist of 2 shifts

I want to volunteer, who do I contact?                                                                   Contact our volunteer coordinator Lisa Cooper at

What does a volunteer do at the HELP NORFARMS distribution warehouse?There are several roles-see the roles section below

Will I be safe, what about COVID -19?                                                                      We are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of the volunteers and farmers.  All farmers and volunteers will wear masks while in the warehouse.  Safe distancing will be practised throughout.  All COVID-19 mitigation practises will be reviewed with all volunteers at the beginning of each shift.  Also the practices will be reviewed with each farmer as they arrive the warehouse

A normal shift at the HELP NORFARMS distribution warehouse will require 8 volunteers. 

  • 3 warehouse checkers
  • 2 perishable food checkers
  • 1 Greeter
  • 1 Safety Officer
  • 1 Site Supervisor

Outline of each role is provided below:

click on role below and download file:

NORFARMS -warehouse checker role V1

Click on role below to download


NORFARMS -perishable food checker role V1 


Click on the role below to access the role and download

NORFARMS -greeter role V1

Click on the role below to access the role and download

NORFARMS -safety officer V2

Click on the role below to access the role and download


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